Nationalscrapmetal.Com can provide you with metal powder recycling and thermal powder recycling such as arc,hvof and plasma powders recycling, we also handle grinding sludge/dust recycling. Our hi temp-exotic alloy recycling service specific to thermal powder will make sure you get the best prices on your thermal powders or grinding sludge. Thermal powders such as arc, hvof and plasma powder are made of many hi temp-exotic alloys and precious metals this alloys include molybdenum, tungsten, nickel and cobalt, the precious metals include gold, platinum, rhodium & silver.

We purchase exotic alloy and precious metals in all powder forms including oxides and catalysts. We also recycle precious metal electro plating acid solutions including rhodium, platinum & gold plating solutions.  Please visit our precious metal refining page for more details or contact us with any questions that you may have.

Thermal Metal Powder Recycling

  • Molybdenum Powder Recycling
  • Tungsten Powder Recycling
  • Nickel Powder Recycling
  • Cobalt Powder Recycling
  • Stellite Powder Recycling
  • Platinum Powder Recycling
  • Rhodium Powder Recycling

Grinding Sludge Recycling

  • Nickel Grinding Sludge Recycling
  • Cobalt Grinding Sludge Recycling
  • Stellite Sludge Recycling
  • Carbide Sludge Recycling
  • Tungsten Sludge Recycling

Dust Recycling

  • Gold Dust Recycling
  • Platinum Dust Recycling
  • Nickel Dust Recycling
  • Cobalt Dust Recycling
  • Stellite Dust Recycling
  • Silver Dust Recycling

Please contact Americanscrapmetal.Com for any questions regarding our Metal Powder, Grinding Sludge or Thermal Powder recycling services or to get your items tested at 214-502-5030

Metal Powder Recycling

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Metal powder recycling