Gun Shooting Range Lead Recovery Removal & Recycling – Nationalscrapmetal.Com provides gun/shooting range lead recovery/recycling services, if you are running a shooting range business and don’t already know you will need to harvest the lead that gets shot into your shooting trap, this is done to prevent come backs/ricochet and to keep lead dust down.  We will come in and separate your lead from the rubber, we will them remove the harvested lead and clean up your range leaving you with a range that is once again ready to accept customers.

We will come in with a process that keeps as much lead dust as possible from contaminating your range, we can also place a tarp between the cleaning area and shooter stations to further keep dust down. After completion we will give everything a dusting and hand clean shooter stations using anti bacterial cleaning products leaving you with a sparkling clean range that will put a smile on your customers faces.

Range Lead Recovery Recycling Time?

How long will my shooting range be shut down for? In most cases 2 days but in some cases it can be 1 or 3 days, all is dependent on how much lead is being harvested, type of range shredded rubber tires or conveyer rubber, quantity of shooting stations and number of ranges. Contact Americanscrapmetal.Com regarding the range lead recycling time or any additional questions that you may have.

Range Service Costs

We have a sophisticated way of determining this but to try to make it as simple as possible 5 Out of 10 shooting ranges may be charged a small fee, 3 Out of 10 ranges will not be charged and can expect a small payment in some cases, finally 2 out of 10 ranges will receive a substantial payment of $2000 or more!

Range Lead Recovery Removal

By Nationalscrapmetal.Com

Range Lead Recovery Removal