Nationalscrapmetal.Com is the countries largest front door scrap alloy recycling expert, we are here to provide customers seeking hi temp alloy recycling and exotic alloy recycling with a service that fits their needs. We fill those needs providing our service to the following manufacturing and service/repair industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Process Equipment
  • Thermal Coating/Heat Treating
  • Power Generation
  • Air/Land Gas Turbines
  • Manufacturers using Furnaces, Crucibles Etc.

Local Scrap Alloy Recycling

Local recycling companies do not have the resources that we do so let’s just stop right there, if you want to go into fuller depth then visit our blog article about high temp-exotic alloy recycling so you can read about the horror stories of dealing with a local scrap yard when it comes to selling your alloy. Hi Temp-Exotic Alloy Recycling is the high end sports car and scrap metal, scrap aluminum, scrap brass, scrap stainless etc. is the family minivan, they are 2 different categories. Please consult with us before selling your metal if you suspect that you have something other then typical scrap metal. Plus we can pay you in full in most cases before your material leaves your business, beware of companies asking you to ship all your metal to them before payment or offering you 50% up front.

High Temp/Exotic Alloy List

Nickel Alloy Recycling:

  • A286
  • Inconel 617
  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 713
  • Inconel 718
  • Incoloy 800
  • Incoloy 825
  • Hastelloy B
  • Hastelloy C
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Hastelloy S
  • Hastelloy X
  • Mar-M 246
  • Mar-M 247
  • Mar-M 509
  • N155

Cobalt Alloy Recycling

  • Stellite
  • HS-3
  • HS-6
  • HS-12
  • HS-31

Copper-Nickel Alloy Recycling

  • Monel 401
  • Monel 405 R
  • Monel 500 K
  • Cupronickel 70/30
  • Cupronickel 90/10

HVOF,ARC,Plasma Powder Recycling

  • Molybdenum powder
  • Tungsten powder
  • Nickel powder
  • Cobalt powder
  • Platinum powder
  • Rhodium powder

Grinding Sludge Recycling

  • Inconel sludge
  • Hastelloy sludge
  • Nickel sludge
  • Exotic Alloy Sludge

Scrap Alloy Recycling

By Nationalnscrapmetal.Com

Scrap Alloy Recycling