Scrap Brass Recycling

American offers scrap brass recycling service that is for our customers in the brass manufacturing industry, these customers include machines shops that produce products such as brass screws or brass foundries that produce brass valves and water meters. American’s scrap brass prices are competitive to bring you the highest gains on your metal.

Did you know brass is not a natural occurring metal, it is a metal that is alloyed from combining copper & zinc, being that  copper is the base metal found in brass, most of the scrap brass prices are based on the copper market. Scrap brass recycling is a great way to get some extra cash fast since it has a value much higher than aluminum and is quite heavy.

Yellow Brass

Is the most common brass. It is used in plumbing including faucets, it’s used for keys, and it’s also used for water meters. Yellow brass usually contains about 60% to 70% copper and  30% to 40% zinc with small amounts of lead and tin. Yellow brass has a very pretty yellow shine to it that is brilliant!

Red Brass

Although not used as much as yellow brass, red  brass is still commonly recycled. The red tint gives this brass its name and the color comes from a higher percentage of copper. Red brass is mostly made up of 85% Copper & 15%, common applications are sprinklers heads and shut off valves.


Bronze is a less common used type of metal that is similar to brass, the 2 most common alloys are Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze. Aluminum Bronze is made up of 90% copper, 7% aluminum, 2-3% iron and traces of other elements while Manganese Bronze has 58.5% Copper, 39% Zinc & 1.4% Iron.

Scrap Brass Recycling

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Scrap Brass Recycling