Scrap Copper Recycling –  Nationalscrapmetal.Com pays top scrap copper prices for all types of copper including scrap copper wire.  Copper is the  most commonly used metal in the electrical industry, it  is the third most produced metal next to iron and aluminum.  Did you know an average vehicle contains over 50 lbs. of copper on average? A commercial airliner can carry over 9,000 lbs. of copper built into it.

Copper is one of the few metals that is used in its purest form. Did you know pure copper wire is the 2nd most conductive metal next to silver? As products get smaller and smaller expect to see a big use of silver over copper in smaller applications.

Bare Bright

Bare bright copper wire includes any 8 gauge solid strand wire thicker than a pencil lead or larger that has been stripped of insulation, it must not have a candy like appearance if it does it contains a coating that looks like varnish or shellac which will make it a #2 copper grade.

#1 Copper

This grade of copper is tubing without solder that is clean or copper wire that ranges from 8 awg to 12 awg and is clean from any insulation or coatings. If you bend it and it keeps it’s form its #1 if it does not it’s #2 copper wire. Any copper wire that is insulated and recovers less than 80% copper to insulation weight is #2, also any copper regardless of grade that is weathered and oxidized turning a green or blackish color is or has lost its luster is #2.

#2 Copper

This grade covers most copper, it’s copper tubing that has solder or any copper wire 12 awg and smaller with or without insulation and coatings except for tin coated copper wire which has a silver appearance which in some cases is considered to be #3 copper wire.


This wire is referred to as 10/3, 12/2 etc. it is the wire that is used in your home and will have 2 layers of insulation with the outside layer normally being a white, gray, beige or orange color. Romex copper wire if stripped from all insulation will be considered #1 copper wire but because of the recovery rate in most cases you don’t gain much and risk cutting your self to make $5-$10 bucks more on avg.

Copper Radiator

These radiators can commonly be seen in older cars and trucks and are very heavy compared to their counterpart aluminum radiators. While they do help to cool down your engine they can’t compare to the cooling power of aluminum radiators which are just so much more efficient. Make sure to remove any steel brackets.

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